Hotel in Valle Maira

“La Marmu”

the Rooms of the most welcoming Hotel in the Maira Valley

In Valle Maira, the ‘Albergo diffuso’, or hotel spread over several sites as opposed to the classic formula, is a tradition which is very popular among tourists. The original stone buildings in authentic Alpine style are united at their centre by an inn that oversees the hospitality services. An environmentally friendly form of tourism, appreciated by those who seek a holiday where cement and technology take a backseat.

This is rustic tourism, which is certainly not without all expected amenities, but privileges the experience of time, and the opportunity to savour the true atmosphere of mountain life. Designing a hotel in Valle Maira to host the masses would not enable us to provide the kind of hospitality we believe in. This is La Marmu, Marmora in Occitan

Hotel in Valle Maira
Hotel in Valle Maira
Hotel in Valle Maira
Hotel in Valle Maira
Hotel in Valle Maira
Hotel in Valle Maira

Reception of customers.

Check-in from 2.30 pm.
Luggage can be left from the same morning.

Check-out by 10:30 am.
Late check-out available until 4.00 pm for a supplement of € 30.00.
Free luggage storage

Two bathrooms complete with shower are available free of charge for guests who have already checked out who wish to freshen up before departure.
For non-guests the service is available at a cost of € 5.00 per person (shower towels provided).

Outdoor area available with bar service and terrace / solarium with deck chairs

Free WIFI available in the common areas for basic services (mail, Google etc.)

Bar service at any time of the day and in the evening until 10/11pm

Free parking available near the accommodation.

Are you wondering if you can stay with animals?
Your four-legged friends are also welcome.

Sky Room


Hotel in Valle Maira

We have a heated Ski Room, locked overnight, where you can leave your skis and boots in winter or your bicycle in summer (or other equipment).

We also offer free of charge a space equipped as a gym.
The same room can also be used for meetings, private parties and showing films.

A wealth of services that you wouldn’t find even in a 5-star Hotel in Valle Maira (if it existed).

And of course theOsteria della Croce Bianca, to sample our Occitan cuisine.

A wealth of services, all of them in line with our philosophy

We do not renounce comfort, the centre of our attention is always the guest.

Occitan cuisine
gnocchi from Val Varaita
Hand-stretched grissini
Hand-stretched grissini

When it is time to relax, we know how to pamper you.

Book the Finnish Sauna heated by a wood stove. Just book at least 1 – 1 1/2 hours before, so it can reach the optimal temperature.

The cost is €10.00 per person (we provide bathrobe/terry towels and special footwear).
Anyone wishing to have our sauna at their disposition for the entire week can request a 6-day pass for €50.00.

We occasionally organise events in the Sauna with rituals such as the Aufguss, with professional Aufgussmeister, and sometimes a massage service is available.

Get information on scheduled events or the massage service at the reception.

360° wellness, a nice goal, isn’t it?
Experience the feeling of a sauna at the end of the day, perhaps with a subsequent dip in the freezing tub.

Sky Room


Wood-fired Finnish sauna

Have you walked, cycled or skied all day?

As evening approaches, a sauna before dinner is the most relaxing thing you can do. Accurately heated with a wood stove, the sauna easily reaches high temperatures to make you sweat and thus eliminate accumulated toxins.

With a ladleful of water fragranced with herbs, steam is created over the hot stones. Muscle tensions fade away, the body relaxes and the mind returns to the adventures just experienced.

Conviviality is the order of the day, the sauna is about joy and sharing. You only have to breathe the sparkling air outside in order to temper the heat, while Mario awaits you with a cold beer to quench your thirst on the panoramic terrace, as you wait for the delights that Barbara is preparing in the tavern.

A shower, and off to end the day at the table before a refreshing sleep, ready for the next adventure.

Every day the sun rises. Choose how you are going to have fun – we will always be here waiting for you upon your return.

Aufguss Time

Do you know this traditional Nordic ritual? The Aufguss, or Jet of Steam, is when the Sauna Master places a ball of ice impregnated with essential oils on the hot stones, and with a towel skilfully sends hot gusts into the sauna. In time with music of course. Experience the sensation of being enveloped by heat in a warm shiver and you will never want to be without it!

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